File In Use by another user part III

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This is getting a bit off topic but it is related to VFP and what I'm 
learning could be useful to some of you.

My problem boils down to the Web Server running Win 2003 Server losing its 
connection to the Win 2003 Server that is my file server.

The strange part about all this is that VFP is reporting the problem as 
"File In Use by Another User".

This incorrect error message had me missing the real problem while trying to 
track down problems that didn't exist like locks that weren't being 
released, etc.

I elected to install Win 2003 Server and Active Directory but not DNS. The 
result is that one server can't find the other server. All of my Win XP Pro 
machines have no trouble staying connected but Win 2003 insists on using 

I hope this info helps someone who might see the same incorrectly reported 
error message.


"File In Use" sorta makes sense. All VFP knows (and ever *can* know, really)
is it asked the OS to open a file, and the OS said "NO!".

It's similar to the "Out of disk space" error you'll get on a Novell network
if you delete the owner of a DBF file and then try to append a record. VFP
asks the network to allocate more space and the network says "NO!"

I see your point but to me "File In Use" doesn't mean that it can't find the 
file but rather that it found it and can't open it for shared access because 
of locks that were placed by someone else.

There should be an error message for this that conveys the true nature of 
the error so that those of us who are encountering it for the first time 
don't go off looking for file locks that don't exist.