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VFP80 in WXP
I sometimes have complex forms with several choices for the user, such as gender, age range, state, and other data.  THe purpose of the form is to provide a report based on the various data.  THerefore, the filter or search can get complicated.  I have to go thru several IF...ENDIF or DO CASE...ENDCASE statements to develop the needed statement or filter.  Is there an easier way?  For example, they user might select Male, Age 60 thru 65, from Colorado, Retired, College degree, etc, etc.  Another time, the user may only want all Males from Colorado, etc.  A filter "Addtive" statement would be nice.
Hi Cowboy,

It sounds like what you're doing is a "query by form." Have you looked at
the _Qbf class in the _DataQuery.vcx in the FoxPro foundation classes?
(Mine's in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9\Ffc\_dataquery.vcx)
There is an example of using the QBF in the Solutions APP: "Create a query
by example form."
Cindy ? in the Version 9 folder ?
hmmmm - you got a version 8 that might work ?
[silly grins] [Bill]
Yeah, and I've got versions 7 and 6 also, but it's my subtle way of
encouraging everyone to learn, and then upgrade to the latest version.
That FFC class has been available since 6.0 - I've got four copies of it on my system (6, 7, 8, 9!).