Image Control w/ Image Manipulation

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I have some .JPG images I would like to drop on a form.  I assume in some 
type of image control.  I would then like to color areas of the image 
depending on data entered by the user.  This is a chiropractic application 
and the .JPG image is a drawing of the spine and I would like to color or 
highlight certain vertebrae depending on data entered.  If any one could 
give me some suggestions where to start or point me in the right direction I 
would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance
Tim Cairns

Changing the colors inside the JPG would be pretty impossible todo.

Given a X,Y coordinate mapping of where each vertebrae is located you could 
easily add a highlighting shape over the img control You can play with the 
shape.BackColor and DrawMode until you find the right highlighting effect 
you are looking for. You use the X,Y for like L5 to know what .Top and .Left 
to set your shape object to.

Another thing you could to too which might be less work is to just already 
have a shape laid out over the right place on the image right from the start 
and then just turn their .Visible = .T. to make them show up. Doing this you 
could just get all the layout stuff done one time in the form designer. This 
is probably the easiest way to do this task.

You can play with this in the form designer drop a shape over your image and 
then double click the DrawMode property in the propery sheet and it'll roll 
it through all the values and you can see what looks like it'll work.