MODIFY STRUCTURE -- Field positioning

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Just curious about an issue I recently noticed.

I have a 170-field table.

I MODIFY STRUCTURE to add a new field between existing fields 115 and
116 (for example).

When I view the table, the new field resides in the last column --
that is, field # 171.

I print the table structure and it states that the new field occupies
position # 116.

I view the table again and the new field is still showing in position
# 171.

I close VFP and reopen.

I USE the table again and now the new field is showing (correctly) in
position # 116.

Why is the new field not going into its "proper" position immediately?

(Using VFP9SP1 with XP-pro)

Thank you for any help!!

What do you mean by "view the table"? Browse?

I'm guessing VFP is "remembering" your last browse configuration (i.e. 
BROWSE LAST). The next time you start VFP (assuming you don't use a resource 
file), your browse configuration will come from the table instead.

browse normal /set resource off should work, too.