Re: Debugging Compiled Applications

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The code fails when called from a window in a standalone EXE

When I run the same code using SET STEP ON from within the IDE it works

What I am looking for is some general guidelines for debugging when the
problem appears in the compiled code but not in the same code run under the
debugger or ide.

I can't be the only person to whom this has ever happened.

I know that in other compiled languages there are debuggers that operate on
the code after it has been compiled. There is usually a command line switch
to include the debug info so that you can run the debugger. Is there any
type of post compilation debugging or does anyone have any good tricks?



I hate it when that happens!

Stick debugging stuff in your code, make it dependant on an application 
property if you want to leave it in always.
Unless it's a huge application the compilation time won't be a nuisance.

I've had this happen.
Never found out what it was when it's happened.  It has usually just faded out 
and stopped happening.  Not much help eh? 8-)  Sorry.
I *think* it's likely to be object references getting upset by either 
disappearing or not disappearing appropriately.

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