Recreate a project file

Microsoft Visual FoxPro - Programmer Exchange

When I try to open my project I get an error 'Project File Invalid'.  
The problem arose when Windows did an automatic reboot to install some 
important security update.  My project was open at the time.

Is there an easy way to recreate or rebuild the project file?


Try first closing VFP and backing up the project files (there should be a 
pjx and a pjt).  Next open the project file as a table in VFP like this:

use myproject.pjx exclusive  &&  or whatever the name of your project is

If you get an error on one of the lines when you try to open it then you 
will need to search the records for the field causing the problem in the 
table and possibly delete that one record or try and fix it manually but you 
will then have 99% or maybe all of your project recovered.