Suggestion on Database Tables or Free Tables using FP 6.

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What are the advantages/disadvantages of using Database Tables (.DBC) over
Free Tables when connecting to FP Database Tables with VB 6.
I'm using DSN-less Connections to a FP 6 database.
Hi Darwin:

Here is an article that discusses accessing VFP data from VB 6.0.

161307 HOWTO: Use Visual FoxPro Tables in Visual Basic

You might want to post this question on the VB newsgroup as well since you 
are using VB to make the connection. Also, you might want to indicated how 
you are connecting (ADO/RDO) and if you are using the VFP ODBC driver or 
the OLE DB Provider. 

I hope this helps. 

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Thanks for the reply.
I understand how to do it I was just wondering if it makes a difference in
I'm connecting using the VFP ODBC driver with ADO.

I did post in the VB groups but got no responses