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I’m looking for some incite.  My company is looking to convert to a web based
system.  I am told that web based applications cannot support a user based
interface used to post multi transactions on one screen for various accounts
(similar to a batching process).  FYI, we process currently approx 250,000
transactions anually and to post one at a time to each account seems a bit
out there.

Your thoughts on this subject?
Not enough information.

I'm curious how you "post transactions" if there's no data entry involved, 
though. Is it a file import? That can certainly be done on a web app, but 
the work is done on the web server itself.

The proposed solution is to enter data on an excel spreadsheet and import!
Does that sound like the most logical to you?
It can certainly be done, and in many ways.

Our application supports import (TXT files only) in a highly generic way and 
it's one of the most complex portions of the application but it pays off 
big-time for users. One of our high-volume clients sends his paper-based 
forms to India for keying and receives back a text file for import.

Your middle tier application will need to be able to accept a file as input, 
and process it. There are a plethora of tools available for transferring the 
file. You'll have to write the import routine yourself.