[VFP5a] Relocating a class to another classlib

Microsoft Visual FoxPro - Programmer Exchange

I had mistakenly created a MyClass in WrongClasslib.vcx.
A form MyForm.scx used MyClass as it was.

How could I move MyClass to the CorrectClaslib.vcx
without wracking MyForm?

Could i jack hack into MyForm.scx and modify the reference
to WrongClasslib.vcx?
Yes, you can hack the reference in the SCX.
is there a neater solution (say a drag-and-drop or documented solution)?
you should be able to drag drop in the Project Manager.
This will copy it, not move it, so you'll have to remove it from WrongClass
Then when you modify the form, you should get an error that it can't find
the classlib and give you the option to find it.
The class browser provides a UI to redefine the base class... but IIRC, it
is not available in VFP5.
The class browser, and its redefine option, has been available since VFP3.