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How would you do a composite key in foxpro? I want to do the following

ID1        ID2        NAME
1            1            Jim
1            2            Jimmy
2            1            Tim
2            2            Timmy

basicly id2 is a revision id and id1 is the persons id, so when you look at
id1 you can see all the revisions specified by id2... thanks
for composite indexes in vfp you have to concatenate the values in the index
and query accordingly, e.g.

** begin code
index on STR(id1)+STR(id2) tag id1id2
select * ;
 from theTable ;
 where STR(id1)+STR(id2)=STR("1")+STR("2")
** end code

Hi Brian:

Along with Trey's code, take a look at this article and see if it helps:

115426 Indexing on a Character and Numeric Field Together

I hope this helps. 

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